We Are Reentry Housing Specialists

The Mission Statement of One Touch Ministry

One Touch Ministry (OTM) is dedicated to the reduction of recidivism by providing housing, food, clothing, employment readiness and assistance, and counseling to recently released ex-offenders. As a faith-based, not-for-profit organization, we strive to ensure that ex-offenders who complete the program have all the tools necessary to become law-abiding and productive members of society, through spiritual guidance, education, life skills programming, and mental health counseling.

One Touch Ministry Reentry Housing Program

One Touch Ministry (OTM) is a "family-styled," faith-base, not-for-profit, reentry housing program that provides a full array of support for returning citizens. Even more so, the program assists the returning citizen with locating employment, which opens the door to be coming self-sufficient plus the added benefit of of being able to provide support to their families. 
Therefore, the benefits of the program extend beyond just providing a physical address, but gives returning citizens the opportunity to become aware of the intangible responsibilities associated with being productive members of the community.
The "family-styled" living environment provides a safe haven wherein the returning citizen can gradually reintegrate into society, become acquainted with the tools of responsible home ownership.  Moreover, the environment promotes personal growth by affording the returning citizen the opportunity to develop and model the sense of community, which translates into positive change in the lives of the returning citizen and the surrounding community.
Most of all, the OTM Reentry Housing Program teaches all returning citizens that, no matter what, they are worthy, valuable and loved.

The One Touch Ministry Vision

To restore love, hope, and encouragement, and to empower with knowledge. To equip people with skills to become self-sustaining and productive people.

Program Highlights
OTM is a faith-based program that believes returning citizens who have a stable housing environment, a strong support network, access to quality post-release programming, and the capability to search for and acquire employment will successfully re-enter society and prosper. Furthermore, OTM believes that potential achievements of our
returning citizens are enhanced when programming includes one-on-one belief therapy counseling, random drug screening, “Overcomers” sessions and Moral Reconation Therapy.
OTM also recognizes the benefits of our re-entry housing program will only come to fruition through awareness of the need for the services we provide. If you’d like to help spread the word about One Touch Ministry, or just want a handy reference, please print and distribute our One Touch Ministry Brochure.
Admission into OTM is a carefully considered process.The Program Directors for OTM work closely with Probation & Parole, the Baton Rouge Police Department, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO), and case managers (i.e., transition specialists) and classification professionals at local jails, prisons, correctional centers, etc. OTM also partners with dozens of local organizations within its referral network that meets just about every returning citizen’s needs.


Bible Study
Our Caring Staff
Random Drug Testing
Housing (3 -12  months)
One-On-One  Counseling
Post-Release Reentry Program
Bimonthly "Overcomers" Sessions
Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy 

"I don't know who GOD will send to One Touch Ministry's Door. We are here to meet each person right where they are, who wants help in making a U turn in their LIFE."
-Verna Bradley-Jackson