Volunteers Needed

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Volunteer support is needed as One Touch Ministry expands its programs and facilities.
We are paticularly interested in volunteers who can provide support in the following areas:

Building and Construction
Groups interested in a "building day" can help to provide necessary improvements to our physical facilities. This would be an excellent project for clubs or organizations!

Church Services
Individuals or groups interested in ministry can help us with this aspect of our work.

Counseling Services

Many participants in our programs require counseling for personal issues or to gain life skills. Volunteers with a background in counseling and social work may assist in providing these services.

Mentors Needed for Post-Release Re-entry Program--Changing Lives
It is a comprehensive educational and mentoring program designed to assist offenders to cope with the fundamentals of living and staying free in today's society.  Each participant will have a better grasp of real and essential skills, which will help them sustain an offence-free life.  Mentors are volunteers that help guide the participants through the process of acclimating to society for six months or more.  After four hours of training, mentors may have up to two (2) mentees

         If you would like to volunteer for One Touch Ministry, please complete both the Volunteer/Mentor Application and the Volunteer Agreement Waiver forms in the link below. Once completed, please email, fax, or mail in form to:

1717 Dallas Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 
Office Phone Number: 225-­359-­9911, Fax: 225­359­9982 
Email: otm1111@yahoo.com

OTM Volunteer Forms