One Touch Ministry is a family-based organization to provide family support for ex-offenders to teach them how to change and handle their lives. The organization teaches its members about the importance of teamwork and that, even though they have made mistakes, they have a chance to change their lives and give back to their community. Also, the program teaches ex-offenders that they are loved. One Touch Ministry assists members in finding jobs, supporting their families, straightening out their finances and learning what they need to become productive members of the community.

Our Vision

To restore love, hope, and encouragement, and to empower with knowledge. To equip people with skills to become self-sustaining and good, productive people.

"I don't know who GOD will sent to One Touch Ministry's Door. We are here to meet each person right where they are, who wants  help in making a U turn in their LIFE."
----Verna Bradley-Jackson

News Clip

Baton Rouge–Arthur E. Jackson, minister and author of Out of the Darkness, conveyed inspirational words to a gathering of ex-offenders, reentry professionals, and volunteers on August 7, 2014. He spoke about his past and explained what he did to overcome his criminal and addictive lifestyle. 

Do you know someone that has been incarcerated, or have you been incarcerated? If so, please click the link below and tell us about your experience!